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Bodylab Whey 100 is a Danish-produced protein powder extracted from cow’s milk via modern and gentle filtration processes. Whey 100 consists of a mixture of 100% pure undenatured whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate of the highest quality. Whey protein is known for its versatile amino acid profile, giving the product a wide range of uses. Protein helps to increase and maintain muscle mass as well as normal bones.

Use Bodylab Whey as a supplement to an already healthy and nutritious diet. Bodylab Whey can be used by anyone who wants an extra supplement of protein. Compared to many other protein sources, Whey 100 has a very high biological value and contains as much as 22.9% branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), making it an optimal source of extra protein.

Bodylab Whey mixes instantaneous and can be dissolved by stirring in water, milk or juice. However, the best results are obtained by using a Bodylab Shaker. Danish produced protein powder

All production of Bodylabs whey protein powder takes place in Hadsund in northern Jutland. So when we say Danish produced protein powder, we mean it. This is not about us receiving the finished product from a private label supplier in, for example, the USA or Asia, and simply putting on our own Danish-language label. Our whey protein powder is produced in Denmark, at our own modern factory, by Danish employees, taking into account Danish legislation and control by the Danish authorities.


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