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Is Herborepairicum® GI-4™ clinically tested?
In 2016, a 9 week study on Herborepairicum® GI-4™ was undertaken*. Test inc 25 subjects (3 females) with 1+ yrs training experience, 18-42yrs old. Blood-serum samples, body weight, lean mass, & fat mass measurements were taken before starting and at the end of the study.

Participants divided into 2 groups, received either placebo or Herborepairicum® GI-4™. Dosed at 2 caps 3x a day, equal intervals & strictly on an empty stomach. Diets were unchanged, no other supplements added. Progressive intensity Training 3x a week; Squats, bench press and press behind the neck were done on Mon, Wed & Fri. Monday’s 8-12 reps 70% and 80% of the max, Wed and Friday intensity was 85% – 100% (1-5 reps) of the max.

2016 Clinical Test Results
– Bench press: Herborepairicum® GI-4™ avg strength inc 6.7kg = 304% increase.
– Squat: Herborepairicum® GI-4™ avg strength inc 15.7kg = 102% increase.
– Behind neck press: Herborepairicum® GI-4™  avg strength inc 7.8kg = 529% increase.
– All 3 exercises the Placebo group overall strength avg per person inc 9.95kg (8,47%).
– Herborepairicum® GI-4™ group overall strength avg per person inc 33.0kg (40,49%).
– Herborepairicum® GI-4™  vs placebo, strength avg per person inc 23.05kg (378%)
– The Placebo group avg blood-serum testosterone declined -2%.**
– Herborepairicum® GI-4™ group avg blood-serum testosterone increased +28%. – Herborepairicum® GI-4™ group increased by 15 times over the Placebo group.

*Dr. Dušan Nalčić, Dr. Aleksandra Branković , Serbia 2016.**Testosterone analysis using equipment from Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Mannheim, Germany.

Ingredients: Herborepairicum® GI-4™ (Basil, lime blossom, Rosemary, Ginger), Zinc, Vitamin B6.


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