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Pre:combat- Ekstremt fokus og energi

Pre:combat3.0 contains a unique blend of nootropics and stimulants. Sulbutiamine increases attention span and when combined with caffeine many report being able to train/work effortlessly for hours on end. Sulbutiamine boosts motivation and helps provide laser-like focus while staying in a very good mood.

Alpha GPC improves brain health and cognition. It can also raise dopamine levels, which benefits brain function significantly. Combined with mucuna pruriens is a nutural source of L-DOPA, which has a powerful effect on testosterone levels.

Halostachine creates a sharp increase in energy and motivation without anxiety common with many stimulants. It’s effects are felt very soon after the dose and remain constant throughout the workout. Combined with caffeine which increases well-being, better mood, improved concentration, feeling of increased alertness and energy. To balance this, L-theanine is added to create a state of“wakeful relaxation,” the state of mind you experience when meditating, being creative. Alpha-waves enhances relaxation, focus, and creativity.

Stack suggestions – we suggest combining pre:combat3.0 with pre:xplodePUMP for the ultimate and intense mind muscle connection workouts. With pre:igniteBURN for increased fat burning. If super focus is the goal, use with pre:cognitionIQ. You may also follow it up with pre:dreamZMA to make sure you get optimal rest and recovery afterwards.

Onset of effect: 3 minutes
Effect duration: 4-6 hours
Flavours: Coffee



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