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Smak: Orange

Pre:igniteBURN – Metabolism Booster & Thermogenic

Pre:igniteBURN is a revolution in fat burners. This spray contains 3 ingredients NOT found in any fat burners in Norway. This makes this product perfect to both take on its own or stack with other pre: products or fat burners.

The 3 ingredients are all very unique in their effect. Eria Jarensis is similar to the “infamous” 1,3, DMAA. This ingredient will give you an intense energy and elevated mood that will see you not wanting to rest between sets. The feeling of having more energy than normal is very common.

The effects of GBB-EEC take about 30min to kick in with some. This ingredient is an L-carnitine precursor that will make you sweat. Be careful as this is very powerful. As the body starts to synthesis L-carnitine you will feel your energy levels increase and you core temp will elevate. This results in increases fat burning and some have claimed to experience fever like symptoms.

The last ingredient included is 6-Paradol. This is an extract derived from grains of paradise that has shown to aid in fat burning. Particularly aids in fat burning of visceral fat (abdominal fat). So with boosted L-carnitine and an ingredient that targets fat, these two will really boost the thermogenic process.

Stack recommendations – Take pre:igniteBURN with pre:combat for a focus and intense workout that will put you in the zone for extreme fat burning. Also stack pre:igniteBURN with pre:xplodePUMP for night time workouts that will give you massive pumps and fatburning long into the night.

Effect time: 5 min

Effect lasting time: 3-5 hours

Flavour: Wild Orange



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