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This is the program that helped me WIN Mr Universe and Mr World

This program is designed for people who want to take their training to the next level. This program uses scientific principles that have helped myself win multiple world titles, and also many other trainers who grown their physique beyond their expectations. This program is designed to allow you to train your whole body twice in a week whilst using multiple muscle growth methods, making you both STRONGER and BIGGER.

In your 15 page, 3 Day Split 6 Days a Week Training Plan you will train the entire body twice in the one week. This is a very effective way to add volume to your training whilst not “over-training.”

I have included a video explaining the program and giving you an overview of it all. I have included a lot of science to help explain the reasoning behind the programs structure. You will definitely learn some very important things about training from this program and the various ways in which muscles grow ie. strength vs size.

I have included the sets and reps and outlined how to include them into the program. There a exact lanes outlined for each day with over 2 weeks worth of pre planned training before you begin to use the programs personalised method to customise your workout.

There is also a list of exercises that show you which exercises you can chose from when you continue the program beyond the current plan.

This 15 page training plan will get you results!!!


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