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If you are looking for THE ULTIMATE strength & power preworkout, this stack will deliver! Strength training is ALL about complete control & focus on the muscle and how it moves the weight. Pre:cognitionIQ with sulbutimine and noopept combined with the halostachine & caffeine from pre:combat3.0 will dial in the mind muscle connection. Pre:explodePUMP will get you the extra reps & increase O2 whilst keeping lactic acid at bay. Follow up with pre:dreamZMA for an amazing nights sleep.

Preworkout 4-6 sprays of pre:cognitionIQ & pre:combat3.0 10min prior to session

Intra-workout 6 sprays of pre:xplodePUMP during your warm up to get the blood pumping into the muscles. Every 10-15min take a spray or 2 of pre:xplodePUMP or pre:cognitionIQ or pre:combat3.0 to keep the intesity up if desired.

Follow up with pre:dreamZMA for an amazing nights sleep.


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