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In your 8 page Full Body Training Program the next 8 weeks will be outlined for you to learn how to successfully train the whole body in one workout using compound exercises, PHA (peripheral heart action) for extra caloric burning, along with isolation exercises included to help you establish more specific control over a muscle group.

I have included a video to help clarify a lot of the ideas and principles of this program. The sets and reps are outlined how to include them into the program. There is also a list of exercises that show you which exercises you can chose from when you continue the program beyond the 8 weeks.

This 8 page program is designed for people who would like to get a full body workout done in under an hour. It is scientifically considered and also designed for maximal efficiency and effectiveness. Too many people spend too much time on exercises that over lap and also spend too much time on isolation machines to get any real changes to the physique. This program is designed with compound exercises in mind that get the most amount of muscles working at a time, so you can get in and get out without spending ALL day trying to get around on ALL the equipment for NO REAL results.


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