Chest Exercises

Chest training tip - Partial reps for ADDING strength

Training tip for chest:
Partials are a great way to get strong in the bench. Starting from the bottom of the rep you can position the bar anywhere you want. Here I have it at the height that my arms are perpendicular.

Bracing yourself hard against the bench, shoulder blades back, you can launch the bar up. This is great to get the strength up in the bottom position.

Also lowering the bar you will know if you’re lowering it down evenly or not. If you hear two knocks you know the left or right has come down first.

Try this when you want to go heavy and you’re alone and you have no spotter. You either lift it or you don’t.

In the famous words of Yoda “do or do not, there is no try”

Give it a go.

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