Chest Exercises

Guillotine press on a smith machine for UPPER pec

Chest training tip:
Guillotine press on a smith machine. This exercise I saw in the back of a muscle and fitness mag from Larry Scott. He showed a way in which to train the upper upper part of pec major. Using an incline bench set around 45 degree. Coming down to around chin height. Hands shoulder width apart, elbows out to the side and slightly back, higher than shoulders. The goal is to feel the weight in the upper chest area.

This technique is not designed for massive weights as you are having a rather acute angle at the elbow.

Legs and hips up, knee up and forward. Encouraging a rounded back and not and arched back.

This will give you a great pump in the upper area, and is a great chest finisher.

It’s also a great exercise for women with implants who only really need to hit the upper portion of pec major.

Give it a go next time you’re hitting chest.

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