Leg exercises

Sissy Squats for BIG tear drops

Sissy squats vs Roman chair squat. One of the first leg exercises I did while training in my garage many years ago when I was 15 was sissy squat. It required no weight (though a plate can be held on the chest).

This exercise was perfect for training quads and in particular the vastus medialis muscle (tear drop) as it involved ONLY knee flexion. The exercise is performed by starting up in your toes, heels up. Bending the knees as you move down and keeping the torso straight. This means that there is NO HIP FLEXION. The exercise uses a class 3 lever with a long resistance arm. Make sure you keep the torso straight.

The sissy squat is often used to label a Roman chair squat, which has heels on the ground and a sitting backwards with also hip@flexion. That means you now are able to incorporate the glutes and hams. THIS IS NOT A SISSY SQUAT. Calling this a sissy squat is like calling a DB press a DB flye. Which NO ONE WOULD DO!

The Roman chair squat is cool. It has its place and I like to super set them or in a giant set with leg extension, sissy squat finished by Roman chair without coming totally up. Sissy squats are not for sissy’s. Story has it that the sissy squat is actually named after the greek god Sisyphus, king of Corinth. But that’s another story.

Anyways give them a go and develop mythical sized quads/tear drops.

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