Stripping the muscle - stretching technique

Training tip for legs:
This is something I’ve been doing for years. I do with my clients, and I see an improvement in range of motion, decreased pain, and increased power output.

This is what we call “stripping the muscle”. It’s not the same as using a foam roller as the roller rolls over the muscle and can help release the fascia from the muscle etc. This technique is more aligned to what a massage therapist might do as he lengthens the muscle fibres.

Use a broom stick or something that DOESN’T ROLL, and work along the line if the muscle fibres. Push long the line from origin to insertion. And adjust the pressure according to the pain you feel. If this is really sensitive then that means you should have done it long time ago lol 😂

Do each muscle group and both agonist me antagonist ie quads and hams. Do it before the workout and do it in between sets if you feel things tightening again. It will change your squat/leg press/ leg extension/ leg curl etc dramatically!

Good luck and happy training

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