Ab exercises

Rope cable crunches - for the BEST squeeze

Training tip for abs
Cable crunches are often done…. Wrong! The problem is that most people forget that the actions of rectus abdominis is trunk flexion. NOT HIP FLEXION. Rectus abdominis does not attach to the thigh so there is NO hip flexion.

So to train abs using cable crunches, put your body in a position that allows for the trunk to curl around. By holding the rope out infront of the head, you increase the resistance arm and allow for better control as you are not holding the rope next to your head (by your neck) which doesn’t have the same emphasis on abs as you need to have much better core control, which is not as common.

So hold the rope infront, place your body fat enough away from the machine that you can crunch down and in. Don’t sit back and stick you but backwards. That’s then using hip flexors to help out.

I’ll show you another variation of this exercise soon that allows you to hit not only rectus abdominis but also obliques too. Give it a go next time you’re hitting abs.

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