Back exercises

Training tip for back - T-bar with a rope PART 1

Back training tip:
Here is a variation for a T-bar row. This is good for people who train at home with little weights. All they need is a bar and a couple plates, and a place to anchor the other end of the Barbell (which is pretty easy – just bring out the MacGyver in you).

So using a rope I put the rope around the bar and grab on the inside of the rope. REMEMBER – when training back, cocking the wrists does nothing! The hands are an extension of the elbow. Pull with the elbow and just hold on. Don’t try to cheat the rep up a little by bending the wrists at the end, it’s POINTLESS – and silly!

Bend over to about 45 degrees so you can activate the middle part of your back while keeping a good arch in the lower back. Thai will help you strengthen the core (yes I said that lol) and put the emphasis on middle part of your back, just under the shoulder blades.

Don’t go too heavy until you’ve developed a good technique. Easy to cheat back exercises. Squeeze at the top means you lifted it up with control. Good stretch and pause then BANG! Another rep!

Give it a go next time you train back.

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