Chest Exercises

Lower pec on the flye machine - AWESOME pump

Chest training tip:
The pec dec /flye machine is a very popular machine that is also often done with too much shoulders and NOT enough chest. Chest is the target muscle so put your body in a position to allow chest to dominate.Instead of sitting and allowing shoulders to take over when chest fatigues, put your body in this position instead.

By arching backwards and pinning your shoulders down and back. The chest is allowed to come forward and up more. The muscle that is most forward is the one that is doing the work.

Notice the hands, elbows and shoulders are all the same height for this action. By arching my back I am focusing on a decline movement which is also one that is often neglected in many peoples chest routine .

Keep the shoulders back, keep the chest up… imagine resting your shaker ontop of your pec so you better keep your chest up or it will fall off.

Give it a go next time you hit chest (next Monday I assume lol)

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