Shoulder exercises

ARNOLD PRESS - Why do them?

Shoulder training tip:
A request for the Arnold press. This exercise I always assumed was Arnold wanting to have an exercise named after him. But it actually had its time and place. It is a great front delt exercise that allows you to avoid the externally rotated, shoulder abducted (also known as the dislocation position lol)

When doing the Arnold press you involve the front delt and side delt after the weight is rotated to the abducted position. This means that at the bottom it’s pretty much all front delt. Which means long head of biceps brachii will assist.

As a result don’t go too heavy as the load at the bottom is a lot on the front delt. Instead go for reps and get a good squeeze at the top. Feel the shoulders fill with blood and perform higher rep sets 10+.

So do this exercise in the middle or towards the end of your shoulder workout.

Give it a go next time you hit shoulders.

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