Shoulder exercises

Rear delt training tip from DAVE PALUMBO

Shoulder training tip:
Rear delts is often over looked and neglected OR trained wrong with bad technique so every other muscle is hit BUT rear delts.

So here is an exercise I saw Dave Palumbo do @huge285. Using a hammer side lat raise machine or any lat raise machine with pads you can hit your rear delts effectively .

Doing one arm at a time bracing yourself on the machine, you can put the upper arm in the centre of the pad, with the elbow hanging slightly out. This shortens the resistance arm me allows for better control of the movement.

Everyone is individual here, so move your body around until you feel the rear delt “bite.” This is really strict and allows for a nice range of motion.

Rear delts like higher reps, so go for 15-20 rep sets and don’t go too heavy. And keep the rest between sets down.

Give it a go next time you hit rear delts!

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