Ab exercises

Ab training made EASY

Training tip for abs:
Training abs is usually focused on rectus abdominis – the six pack muscle. When training that muscle it’s all about moving the insertion (ribs) closer to the origin (the pubic bone).

It’s that easy! It’s not about bending at the hip or sitting up. It’s about rounding the torso down. So this exercise does just that. Nothing fancy. No big set up. No fancy machine needed. Just lean against the cable pull down and slowly peel yourself forward rounding the back.

And it’s not about doing a million reps as endurance fibres don’t get big. It’s why a Marathon runner doesn’t have big legs. He uses his endurance (type 1 fibres) when he runs. Same with abs. Want BIG THICK ABS that you can see through a layer of fat?? Go heavy. Go for 10-15 reps aiming for around 25 seconds plus for the set.

Give it a go next time you hit abs.

If you’d like more ab tips let me know in the comments and I’ll make some really cool ones.

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