Natural Testosterone Booster

Introducing OptimumTest GI-4, a unique test booster, clinically tested and proven to boost testosterone up to 28%

Featuring the powerful herbal ingredient Herborepairicum® GI-4™

Users are seeing measurable results in as little as 1-2 weeks.With the longer you on it, the better the effects.This means there is no need to cycle OFF OptimumTest GI-4

For best results, take 2 caps 3x a day. Spread evenly through out the day on non workout days.

On workout days take 4 an hour before training, with the other two caps before bed. Always take on an empty stomach.

A 9 week clinical study revealed across 3 lifts – bench, squat and shoulder press a 23kg or 378% increase over the placebo group.

And in fat loss the Placebo decreased on average 0.35 kg per person.
And Herborepairicum GI-4 group an average 2.29 kg per person.
That’s 536% more fat loss than the placebo group.

If you’re looking to experience:
– More energy
– Better muscle endurance
– More strength and power
– Improved recovery
– And Break through your plateaus

Try OptimumTest GI-4 today!

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OptimumTest GI-4