Shoulder exercises

Front delts training tip

Shoulder training tip:
When doing front lateral raises, remember that there are a few muscles than can assist in this movement which means that there are a few muscles that will “take away” good engagement of front felt.

Remember that biceps brachii long head can do shoulder flexion so keeping your hand in a pronated position will recruit that muscle less.

So grab the DB at bottom so it wants to rotate inwards. Also if you hang the wrist it almost switches the arm “off” so as to put more emphasis on the front delt.

Move the dumbbell across so it’s in front if your face , no need to to go too high as traps will take over.

This technique will mean that you won’t lift too much weight. However, again this is a class 3 lever with a very long resistance arm, so the load is heavy enough, if you feel your arm bending too much to bring the weight closer to the axis, you know you’re going too heavy.

Give it a go next time you’re hitting shoulders

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