Shoulder exercises

Unique side AND front raise exercise

Shoulder training tip:
Here is an exercise brought to you by some kiwis from Nerang (funny how I feel more familiar with all the GC suburbs than here in Norway where I’ve lived for 6 years lol). Anyways back to shoulders. So this is a cros between a front raise and a side raise. Just like old El Paso – why not have both!!

Yes, here we do a side lat raise on one side and a front with the other arm and then switch. This keeps us from cheating to the weight up with the traps too much when we get heavy as it’s hard to shrug just one side of the traps. Grab the dumbbell at the back end so it wants to rotate inwards. The arm doing side lat raise, raise almost to the rear a little to help with balance, whilst the arm doing front raise cross the face.

Both arms try and keep the hand from going higher than the elbow. Alternate with each rep and do about 20 reps so it’s 10 reps for each delt head. This is a great way to hit the shoulder fast and a good variation to the standard front or side lat raise.

Give it a go next time you train shoulders.

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