Back exercises

Partial deadlifts for BACK focus with HEAVIER weights

Back training tip:
Partial deadlifts are great for training the back without overloading the lower back from the bottom position. Starting with the bar midway on the shins or just below the knee. This allows for more upright start and takes a little bit away from the hamstrings and back into the back and traps.

I like to use a waist trainer as a belt as it offers a lot more support as far as wider around the waist. It pretty much covers transverse abdominis. .

I also like to use a pronated position for my hands as the alternate grip puts the suppinated bicep under extra load and if a muscle is going to tear it will be that one. (Search YouTube and you will find videos of guys pulling biceps brachii in the suppinated position).

I like to do one rep at a time. Reset and start the next one. No bounce and keep the core engaged. That’s why the waist trainer is so good your switched in but not too much support that you do not engage the TA your self.

This is a good movement to throw in the when you want to pull heavy weights but struggle from the floor due to maybe inflexible hamstrings and glutes.

Give it a go next time you’re hitting back.

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