Back exercises

For COMPLETE engagement of lat dorsi - DO THIS

Lat training tip:
This exercise would be one of my favourites. Ever since I saw Dorian doing one arm hammer pull downs I’ve been doing variations of this movement. One of the reasons I prefer one arm over 2 is that the actions of lat dorsi is also to do lateral flexion of the trunk.

The lats are attached to the thoracolumbar fascia (Xmas tree for the bros) and then goes up to the bicepital groove of the humerus (upper arm). By leaning over to the side(to most this looks like cheating) you are getting the muscle to contract that much more extra.

The reason I use the handle attachment is that in suppinated grip when my arm is lengthen, my bicep feels a little exposed to being damaged in a bad way. Most bicep tears during deadlifts are in the suppinated arm not the pronated one. So this handle allows me to rotate my wrist through the range or leave it neutral.

Either way, this leaning over allows for complete lengthening and contraction of lat dorsi. Give it a go next time you train back.

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