Arm exercises

Preacher curls or spider curls? Good pump though

Arm training tip:
Preacher curls are very popular. And have been around for ages. And lots of people are doing them the same way… with lots of stretch and tension at the bottom (where you’re weakest), and no load tension at the top (where you’re strongest)

The problem is that most preacher benches are angled so that the top point you’re forearm is perpendicular to the floor and also at rest. The tension goes OFF the bicep.

To avoid this, either go around the other side of the preacher bench and perform a spider curl. Or raise the angle of the seat end so that the preacher pad is now steeper. This will mean that when you’re at the top of the rep, you can keep the weight out in-front and not perpendicular to the floor where you will lose the tension.

Give it a go next time you hit biceps

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