PULLOVERS to help catch your breath after HEAVY lifts

Leg day training tip:
Pullovers are typically done on back day. But they’re ideal for getting your breath back after a heavy set of squats or high rep squats, big movements that require a large amount of oxygen deficit/debt to be repaid.

You see 100m sprinters with their hands over the heads after a race as they’re stretching out their diaphragm which then creates a low pressure area within the abdominal cavity , creating a vacuum, forcing air into the lungs.

People believe that you force air into the lungs by breathing deep, which is technically correct. But the reason the air goes in is because you’ve pulled in the lungs forcing air in. You can feel this yourself by leaning over trying to take a deep breath you can’t get as much air in.

So use a dumbbell to stretch the diaphragm and you will force oxygen into the lungs. And get your oxygen deficit/debt repaid.

Try it next time you’re out of breath after a big set of squats!

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