Chest Exercises

That little EXTRA squeeze at the top of DB press

Chest training tip:
Dumbbell presses are done in many different ways. And not always do they activate the chest very much. As people may lower the dumbbell round shoulder height rather than if it was a barbell and arc It down more towards the nipple line.

This technique I’ll show you today put the emphasis on pec major. As you lower it you slightly externally rotate your hands so they are the same angle as the upper arm(watch to understand)

This allows you to feel the stretch in the chest and not feel the shoulder /delt as much. As you press up you will then arc over up towards being over your shoulders more. And then fully lock out your arms, whilst rotating the dumbbells internally to engage the upper part of pec major.

Make sure you are keeping your shoulder blades back and you are not protracting them and feeling your delts take over. By doing an internal rotation you will be able to engage the pec whilst still maintaining scapular control.

Don’t go heavy as you want to feel the squeezes and not cheat here.

Note: I like to grab the dumbbells at the top, so as to feel as though the weights are slightly horizontally abducting the shoulder joint. This is not essential but something I have developed over the years to make a slight increase in difficulty and squeeze in the movement.

Give this a go next time your hitting chest (next Monday lol)

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