Leg exercises

Squeezing quads to STRECTCH out the hamstrings

Hamstring training tip:
I have been getting some treatments from an amazing physio (pm if you want his number). He has shown me that my medialis doesn’t engage as much as it should due to tight hamstrings. I have been advised to fully extend my knee to allow for maximal lengthening of hamstrings , particularly long head of biceps femoris.

So to engage the ham completely, at the bottom of the movement, I extend the knee and slightly outward rotate the leg so as to fully engage medialis.

If you have a flexed medialis, in its knee extended position, then you will have a relaxed hamstring. That means I know I’m not shortening my hamstring movement.

You can see from the video at the very bottom I move an additional 0.5-1cm which is me flexing and externally rotating the hip joint slightly to engage medialis.

Then I release the knee, and curl up and get complete movement of the hamstring. It’s a really really good adductor pump too as the adductors assist to flex the knee when the knee is completely locked out .

Give this a go next time you’re training hamstrings.

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