Leg exercises

Vertical press on a SMITH

Hamstring training tip:
I’ve always been the last to the party on things (took me years before I accepted cargo pants/shorts). So it took me over 6 years to try this lol.
When it comes to training legs. The joint that bends the most determines which muscle group is targeted most.

For example sitting in a leg press your hips are already bent at 90 degree placing the focus more on hams and glutes. Whilst a hack squat tends to keep you more upright and bend the knees more than the hips. That’s why I prefer hacks for quads and leg press for hams. So another option to add on hams day is a vertical leg press as you have maximal hip flexion!

If you do not have a vertical leg press you can use a smith machine. Here is an exercise that I saw many many many times over at Ashmore and thought nah, will be hard to rack/rerack etc. it was surprisingly easy to unrack!!! I’ve also used bands as it puts an extra load on the hams at the top where you would usually rest as the extended knee takes the load.

Keep the reps up high around 15-20 as you are also getting a good adductor workout here and adductors LOVE high reps! Give it a go if you haven’t already… or maybe I’m the only one that hadn’t done it yet lol

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