Leg exercises

Bands on the hack squat - better for the knees

Leg training tip:
Here is another variation of the hacksquat (my favourite squat) this time using the bands. Bands are a little controversial as old school trainers think it over complicates things.

However, I like to look at them as a tool in the tool kit. You have a piece of equipment that you don’t always use, but now and and again it comes in handy.

The reason I like bands on leg day is that maximal squeeze can be achieved to the top of the movement and under load of the bands you feel it even more.

The medialis is responsible for pulling you “out of the hole” but also can be activated hard at the top of the movement. Which means that you can get the best hardest squeeze when fully locked out and flexed (think of jay cutlers famous quad stomp)

So here at the top, externally rotated at the hip, I will feel maximal tension. And if I also squeeze glutes hard it will keep me safe from hyperextending and damaging the knee.

You have to feel it to truely understand how this is. Give it a go next time you’re hitting quads.

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