Leg exercises

Quickest way to ADD leg volume - TRAIN ADDUCTORS

Leg training tip:
Adductors are 5 muscles that are responsible for adduction. Of all them only gracillis crosses the knee joint so much of the mass is right up in the inner thigh. That means when you are standing back on, it will appear that you have a lot more hamstring size as they really fill out the inner thigh.

Here I just use the long attachments handles and loop them around my thigh at the knee so I am really only doing hip adduction though due to the movement I’m adding circumduction but only slightly.

Adductors are really great stabilisers of the knee and will add a lot to your squat Movements. In nature they are easy to overload so keep to higher reps and don’t go super heavy, at least initially.

Big stretch, good squeeze. Superset with leg curls. Give them a go next time you train legs .

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