Shoulder exercises

ROPE pulls done RIGHT for rear delts

Shoulder training tip:
For rear delts, we often see people doing rope pulls. And they can be really good. But often people see a movement and don’t thoroughly think through what is being done me what action and muscles are being used.

Doing rope rear delt pulls, make sure you are using your hands as an extension of your arms. By grabbing the wrong way you activating biceps far too much and pulling with your arms rather than just holding onto the rope and using your shoulder joint to do the work.

Grab the rope with an over hand grip but having the hands face out wards. Meaning the thumbs are lower than the pinky finger again.

As you watch the video you will understand . You’ll notice that hands and wrists flow along with the lower arm making the rope look like an extension of the limb. Small changes will make big results here.Give it a go next time you train rear delts.

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