Shoulder exercises

The secret for rear delts that NOBODY DOES

When we train muscles that are behind us ie: back, hams, rear delts etc, it’s easy to just throw the weights around and not get an effective contraction as not everyone is a kinesthetic learner.

Some just watch an Insta clip (like this lol). The trick to training rear delts and not letting rhomboids take over is to avoid scapular retraction as the dominant move.

Here I focus on one side at a time. Moving the dumbbell both in an arch and forward. Supporting the head also takes some of the traps out of the movement. The goal is to feel the muscle and not be to focused on getting the dumbbell too high.

It can take a little practice but another thing that rear delts like is volume. So more reps and less weight is ideal as the back can quickly take over if the weight is too heavy.

More training tips coming…

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