Shoulder exercises

Giant set for shoulders - AWESOME PUMP

Shoulder training tip:
Here is a fun giant set to do using DB. It’s 3 movements back to back. With a rest AFTER you have done all 3 moves. Then start with the 2nd movement and finish with the 1st.
Set 1:
1.Front raise x10 reps
2.Side lat raise x10 reps
3.Rear lat raise x10 reps

Set 2:
2.Side lat raise x12 reps
3.Rear lat raise x12 reps
1.Front raise x12 reps

Set 3:
3.Rear lat raise x15 reps
1.Front raise x15reps
2.Side lat raise x15reps

For more fun add weight each set too!! This hits all 3 heads of the delt. It gives a great pump and is a great way to bomb the shoulders with volume in a short time.

REMEMBER: grab the dumbbell at the back so it’s easier to tip in and keep the form in the shoulders! Give it a go next time your hitting shoulders.

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