Shoulder exercises

Lat raises for SIDE delts NOT front delts

Shoulder training tip:

Lateral raises are done in SO many ways. The problem is that you hold a weight in your hand to train a muscle that is 3 joints away. Using the wrist, elbow and shoulder (and to a degree we can say scapula as most people shrug the weight too).

As a result you can mess up the movement at so many various points.Tips that I like to advise people is that:- hold the dumbbell at the back end so it’s forward loaded so it wants to tip forward.
– hands do not go higher than the elbows.
– elbows don’t go higher than the shoulders
– look up to keep from shrugging the weight up
– pause slightly at the top so you know you’re not throwing the weight up with momentum.These all make for a good lateral raise.

Remember you are using a looooong resistance arm with a class 3 lever. The body wants to make the job easier so it will unconsciously shorten the resistance arm to decrease the load .

Use less weight and use good form and you will feel it!As the saying goes “it don’t mean a thing, if it got TOO MUCH swing”

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