Chest Exercises

Chest training tip - GIANT SET

Chest training tip:
A giant set for chest that I like to do occasionally. Especially if you’re pressed for time. It also goes on the principle of flushing the muscle with blood for sacroplasmic hypertrophy.

All you need is a couple dumbbells and an adjustable bench. Back when I started all I had was a rail way sleeper and some bricks. And I’d remove a brick for decline , or add a brick for incline. EASY!

Anyways, grabs weight and start with:
1 – Decline flye: Decline is the strongest angle but flye is the hardest exercise due to long resistance arm (class 3 lever)
2 – incline db press: incline is the weaker angle but press is easier as you now have reduced the length of the resistance arm.
3 – push up: that’s a flat floor push up. As you are moving your body through space as opposed to moving the weights around you, it is more natural and can be performed safely to failure if you can’t get the reps in the first attempt. Reset and keep going.

For fun do the reps of the weight. Ie 10kg for 10 reps.
12.5kg for 12 reps
15kg for 15 reps etc.

Yes! More weight AND more weight!
You have to do what others WONT do in order to look unlike ALL THE OTHERS!

Crazy ideas – crazy changes!

Give it a go next time you’re pumping out chest, and get the whole chest trained, and get a silly pump.

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