Arm exercises

DB bicep curls - how biceps work

Bicep training tip:
Biceps are 3 muscles but the main one we focus on or the one that does the most of the “heavy lifting” is biceps brachii. The actions of biceps brachii are supination of the wrist, flexion of the elbow and flexion of the shoulder – like if I was to pick up and apple and take a bite.

So rotation is crucial. And pulling the elbows back at the start enable you to perform the movements more thoroughly. I like to grab the dumbbells at the bottom so the weight is easier to rotate at the top. With home training I used to load the outside of the dumbbell with a little more weight so I would rotate easier too.

So one rep is rotating the wrist from a neutral position to a supinated position, flexing the upper arm and then lifting the weight upwards via the shoulder to get that last long head activation.

Give this a go next time you train biceps.

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