Arm exercises

French press - Old school is BEST school

Tricep training tip:
I love getting asked requests for exercises. I will be doing Arnold press soon. This request was for an awesome person that’s limited to dumbbell exercises, useful for many home trainers during lockdowns.

This is a great exercise that allows you to do a movement often overlooked in arm training.Dumbbell French press. This is a great exercise to engage the long head of the tricep. As this is most often neglected in most tricep workouts.

Grab the dumbbell with both hands and lean back slightly so as to get a full deep stretch of the shoulder joint. This allows for maximal stretch if the entire triceps group with shoulder flexed, elbow flexed.Come up to arms extended and squeeze hard on the tricep.

Angle the dumbbell slightly away from the head so you don’t knock yourself in the head.Don’t go too heavy to you can use a full range instead.

Give it a go next time you train triceps!

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