Arm exercises

Rope push downs with a TWEAK - Try it for an INSANE PUMP

First off, thanks for the feedback on video suggestions and sharing. I have a lot of requests now for good ideas on exercises, explaining the science behind them along with technique tips.

Today I wanted to jump on this one. We’ve all seen it done with a rope. The tricep push downs with a kick out to the side. First few sets are good as the weight is reasonable. Start to go heavy and BANG – it’s cheat city!

The problem is that you are trying to pull a weight down at the same time you are changing the position of the resistance arm, trying to pull a weight down whilst going sideways?? You don’t need to be Edward de Bono to see that this will be recipe for poor form.

And what is the point of the outward movement? You’re trying to activate both lateral and medial head of triceps? There is an easier stricter way!

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